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My401kPro was created to provide the ongoing support that most investors lack when making important retirement plan investment decisions.

What You Get

With My401kPro, you'll get our professional yet easy-to-use guidance that can help you invest your plan successfully and confidently in just 15 minutes a month. Specifically, you'll have 4 tools at your disposal to help you address the two crucial investing considerations: when to be invested and what to invest in.

1) Risk Assessment Tools: When to Buy and When to Sell.

The first step in investing is to determine whether it is appropriate to invest in the market at the current time -- and how much to invest. My401kPro's Market Indicator tells you the level of risk in the stock market and the Equity Allocation Target tells you how much to be invested in equity funds based on current risk. These tools can help you target timely opportunities to enter the market, i.e. during up markets, and protect your capital when market risk is high, i.e. down markets.

2) Customized Fund Rankings: What to Invest In.

The second step in investing is to decide which investment fund options in your plan to select. My401kPro's Fund Ranking Table helps you easily identify which investment options present the best opportunities in the market at a given time. The Table's color-coded zones make it easy to identify which funds you should buy and which ones you should sell.

3) Commentary

Every month, your personal subscriber site will be updated with My401kPro's latest investment analysis. The monthly Commentary provides practical insight on:
  • current market conditions,
  • investment strategies
  • importance topics for 401(k) investors

4) Email Alerts

To make investing your plan even easier, My401kPro will send you timely email alerts should a major development occur in our investment analysis so that you can make suitable adjustments to your investment positions.

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