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"The gap between what Americans dream of doing in retirement and what many will be capable of doing is significant."

Merrill Lynch Retirement Survey

Why You Need It

"I have no idea what options in my 401(k) to invest in or when to invest in them."

"I am not being offered meaningful investment advice for my 401(k)."

"I cannot afford traditional investment advice for my 401(k)."

"My 401(k) is an important piece of my retirement plan and I am concerned about its success."

If you identify with these statements, you are not alone. Close to 50 million Americans currently have 401(k) plans, and most of these investors struggle with the task of effectively managing them. Sadly, the reality is that the current system almost guarantees these struggles.

The "Abandoned Investors"—
401(k) participants lack investment assistance

Perhaps no investors are as isolated from effective investment advice as are 401(k) participants. Most of these 50 million investors have no help in deciding what investment options to select in their plan, or when to invest in them. Moreover, attempts made from outside sources to provide assistance are often just generic allocation programs that do little to meaningfully control risk.

Lack of guidance leads to uncertainty and costly investing mistakes
Without meaningful guidance in managing this important sum of retirement money, most 401(k) participants say they have little or no idea how to manage their plan themselves. Sadly, as a result, investors are prone to make critical investment mistakes as repeated studies of 401(k) investing habits have found.

Ignoring your 401(k) investments is not the answer
The problems mentioned above may have a significantly damaging effect on one's retirement life. Unfortunately, many people are overwhelmed or intimidated by the task of addressing the situation and do not do so until retirement is close at hand. As the saying goes, "time is money", and if you don't address your retirement planning today, you will regret it tomorrow.

My401kPro addresses the dilemmas facing 401(k) investors today in a truly revolutionary way:

  1. We rescue the "Abandoned Investors"
    While professional investment guidance has been scarce in the 401(k) arena, we have chosen to focus on an innovative way to assist investors with this vital component of their retirement plan. While contributing to a 401(k) account is important, it is essential to manage it effectively. My401kPro was developed to provide these neglected 401(k) investors with the tools needed to do that.

  2. We provide effective, on-going and easy-to-use investment guidance customized to your plan.
    In investing, there are only two crucial decisions that need to be made:
    • when to be invested
    • what to invest in

    My401kPro addresses those important decisions with our revolutionary monthly service that delivers straight forward, professional investment guidance.

  3. The professional analysis provided in this site is available at a remarkably low cost - only $299 per year.
    How can My401kPro deliver high quality service at such an inexpensive price? With the innovative method of delivering generalized investment commentary through My401kPro's website, we can realize great efficiencies. And unlike most professional institutions, we are quite willing to pass the savings along to you.

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