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"The wise man saves for the future, but the foolish man spends whatever he gets."

Proverbs 21:20

Why the Service is Different

Most traditional 401(k) investment assistance (if you can find any) provides generic advice that does not even address your specific plan much less improve your chances of achieving investment success for retirement.

My401kPro is different. With My401kPro, you get professional investment guidance for your specific plan, updated every month, to help you make the investment decisions vital to your retirement success. My401kPro provides you with benefits unlike any other service available.

 What to Buy - Identifies the funds in your specific plan that are likely to perform best

Various segments of the market are stronger at different times. My401kPro's Fund Rankings can help you identify the funds in your plan that are positioned to perform the best in the future. This is unlike typical advice that recommends investing in a little of this and a little of that which really serves only to dilute gains in rising markets.

 Reduces your risk - Tells you when to buy and sell.

When a correction or worse, a bear market, appears, all segments of the market are susceptible to losses. Therefore, diversification, i.e., investing in a little of everything, will not protect your account from suffering potentially big losses that can derail an investment plan. My401kPro's Market Indicator uses data from the markets to identify when market risk is dangerously high so that you can reduce your investment level and protect your hard-earned capital. No one likes to lose money, but such protection is especially critical as you approach retirement age.

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 Easily monitored - Requires just 15 minutes a month

While the investment analysis we perform is rather sophisticated, the resulting information is presented in a straight-forward manner that makes it easy to quickly and effectively mange your account. My401kPro users report spending, on average, 15 minutes a month implementing the guidance, with the majority of months requiring little or no time at all.

 Timely Alerts - Get emails when investment changes are recommended

Investing would be easy if the markets timed their moves to accommodate investors' quarterly or yearly re-balancing of their accounts. Although trends in the stock market tend to last for some time, shifts may occur quite rapidly. My401kPro will email you when market developments occur that call for significant changes in your portfolio so that you can act in a timely manner.

 Affordable - Save big on expensive fees charged by other professional advisors

Advisors capable of providing quality assistance for 401(k) investors often charge very high fees. With My401kPro's on-line design, we have developed a way to provide premium investment guidance that all 401(k) investors can afford.

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My401kPro provides you with benefits unlike any other service available.

My401kPro was created to provide the ongoing support that most investors lack when making important investment decisions for retirement.