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The Select Group Rollover Plan, a leader in furnishing online management assistance for retirement plans, offers a truly revolutionary, unique option for those considering "rolling over" or transferring a 401(k), IRA or other retirement plan.

What is the Select Group Rollover Plan?

This Select Group Rollover Plan [Select Group] is perhaps the most complete, professional guidance service for investment accounts anywhere and is available at a cost that is substantially lower than traditional assistance. It features an analytically chosen list of the highest-caliber mutual funds from all segments of the market that will serve as investment options within an IRA, IRA rollover plan or even in taxable accounts. Perhaps the most significant part of this service is that provides Select Group subscribers with professional guidance as to when to invest, what funds to invest in and in what quantity. Explore this web site further for details and history of this service. Additionally, this Select Plan allows for selected, highly qualified trust companies and financial services companies to provide custody of one's assets.

Why is the decision where to rollover or transfer your plan so important?

Many people have difficulty in determining where the best place might be to rollover their IRA, Keogh, 401(k) or other retirement plan. Often one simply isn't aware of the factors that should go into making such a decision and generally a mutual fund company or bank is chosen as the new trustee/custodian for one's plan more or less by default. Once rolled over, the failure to overcome inertia or the hope that things will improve often prevents rectifying problems that arise.

Such problems include:

  • Being restricted to selecting from too small a list of investment options or having an inadequate diversity of options for the current investing environment.
  • Being restricted to a single company's proprietary group of mutual funds which may or may not always provide good performance or diversity
  • Being charged transaction fees for switching among available investment options. Moreover, some mutual fund companies charge a "load" (commission) to purchase their funds and many even charge a needless redemption fee if you sell it within a certain time frame.

How does the Select Group Rollover Plan provide solutions to these problems?

It is very important to consider the above factors very objectively when considering a custodian for your retirement plan. Unfortunately, these potential problems don't always occur to investors. In addition, another major problem for the vast majority of retirement plan owners by their own admission is that they simply, but understandably, don't have any idea when to buy or sell or what to buy or sell.

The following illustrates how the Select Group Rollover Plan addresses these problems and as a result may well be the most suitable of the rollover and transfer alternatives available:

  • Using proprietary analysis that we have developed over the course of our more than 25 years managing retirement plans and the Morningstar mutual fund ratings, thousands of funds are scrutinized to arrive at a select list of approximately 50 that are combined into the Select Group. will continually monitor this Select Group and makes necessary changes to it. As a result, plan owners will have an ample number of all-star funds that offer exposure to the vast array of significant investment areas. This diversity of investment options is increasingly important in this world economy.
  •'s Fund Ranking guide will assist you in the bewildering task of choosing what funds in which to invest. We will rank the overall list of funds monthly to guide you in determining which funds are most appropriate for future performance. It is of less benefit, for example, to invest in blue chip funds if small cap stocks (and funds) are performing much better or in U.S. markets if Asian markets are substantially outperforming them.
  • also will assist in determining when to buy and sell those funds. Most investors tell us that they have no idea when to buy or especially when to sell in addition to what to buy or sell. You will get seasoned, professional advice on both those matters to assist in achieving a growth objective. This perhaps is the major benefit of the Select Group because determining the investment climate and controlling risk are the most vital factors in the management of your important retirement funds...
  • The selected mutual funds have been chosen also with the cost of buying and selling in mind. No upfront or any other sales charges will be encountered nor should there be any transaction fees at most IRA plan custodians if trades are made online. Redemption fee policy of the mutual funds also will be monitored.
  • Finally, all of the services described above will be updated monthly in an easily understood format. Most often, there will not be changes for you to make in your retirement plan. However, having the discipline to spend 15 minutes a month checking your own personal, password protected web pages will be required to gain maximum benefit in the nurturing of your retirement funds.

Who will be the Custodian of the Select Group Rollover Plan Assets?

The custodian could be any trust company or other financial custodian that accepts custodianship of IRA's and other retirement plans. Although the entity chosen for this responsibility must be able to provide access to the approximate 50 mutual fund options within the "select group", the selection of which particular custodian to use will not limit the ability of to provide its subscription services to the plan owner.

What are the Costs of the Select Group Rollover Plan?

  • The annual costs for custody services vary from less than $100 to about $200 and normally there is a one time nominal transfer or establishment fee. Usually there are no transaction fees for mutual fund orders placed on-line.
  • The subscription costs of the are as follows:

$49.99 - Introductory 3 Month fee for your plan's investment guidance *

$299 - Subsequent annual fee for your plan's investment guidance. *

The total ongoing cost to access this professional service including the custody of your plan can be as low as $250 annually depending on the custodian selected. A list of potential custodians can be provided if your plan's current custodian does not offer the full range of mutual fund options required for the Select Group Rollover Plan

* The guidance provided by will not be tailored to any individual's personal situation. Rather it will be tailored to the growth & risk control of the Select Group of mutual funds. Information regarding the risk characteristics of the individual mutual funds will be presented to allow the plan owner to adjust the risk profile of his or her holdings. We refer you to the Disclosure section of this site for more details and other sections of this web site for additional helpful information.

In summary, we challenge you to compare the Select Group Rollover Plan with any other rollover option that exists. Your retirement funds are worth that effort.

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