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Samples of Archived Commentaries:


Every month My401kPro provides insightful commentary on current market conditions, investment strategies and other topics of importance to 401(k) participants when making investment decisions. We invite you to read some of our archived commentaries to see how they might have been an effective aid in the managing of your own investment plan.

Samples of Archived Commentaries and Alerts:

April 7, 2009: "As you may have noticed, our Market Indicator is now in a Positive mode. Hopefully, you proceeded according to the guidance of our Alert dated 3/23/09 and increased your allocation to equity funds ..."
September 15, 2008 ALERT: "...we are once again lowering the Equity Allocation the lowest range of 0%-30%...You invest when the odds are stacked in your favor, i.e., the reward potential outweighs the risk, and there are just too many uncertainties to say that is the case right now. Keep in mind that we often say the most important thing in successful investing is to avoid the big loss. That is what we are helping you do right now and when the markets emerge from this debacle, your account will be in prime position to start growing again."
July, 2007: "...we can expect a more serious correction than what we've seen over the past4 years before the stock market can really begin a new, lasting bull market."
May 2006: "It may not be the bottom of the ninth inning for this rally, but it is definitely in the late innings."
April 1, 2003: "We are confident that a fairly solid base has been put in that could provide a springboard for solid returns."
June 1, 2002: "Steps should be taken to avoid taking on too much risk during this difficult market."
September 1, 2001: "As has been the case for some time, we recommend very low exposure to this market."



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