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More about how My401kPro can offer such professional investment guidance at such a low cost

In recent years, improved efficiencies have resulted in big savings on many goods and services to the consuming public. (Note for example, the declining price of electronics and other products sold at "super stores" like Target and Wal-Mart.) Absent from the phenomena of declining prices has been many professional services like legal services and high quality investment advice.

Consequently, the higher profitability that has occurred due to increased efficiencies has accrued to the benefit of the provider of these services, not to the consumer. For example, do attorneys charge you less because they have previously produced your requested document for another client and have it stored on file? Do investment advisors charge you less because they have enough money under management to cover their fixed expenses many times over? The answer to these questions is an obvious "No".

However, with the innovative method of delivering investment guidance through My401kPro, we can realize great efficiencies -- and we are quite willing to pass these savings along to you, the 401(k) investor.



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My401kPro was created to provide the ongoing support that most investors lack when making important investment decisions for retirement.