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What to Expect

Meaningful Results
My401kPro will provide you with the tools to enable you to effectively manage your investments. If followed with discipline, you can expect My401kPro to help you attain these two goals:

  1. Reduce risk over the long term
  2. Achieve meaningful investment growth

To realize those goals requires sound investment decisions. My401kPro will help you do that and will help you overcome the 5 most common 401(k) investing problems.

  1. Under-investing in the types of investments necessary for growth
  2. Investing too heavily near market tops
  3. Investing too heavily in your company stock
  4. Not knowing when to sell
  5. Not knowing what to invest in

Intangible benefits
In addition to improving your chances for successful investing, My401kPro can also provide you with welcomed intangible benefits.

  • More Free Time - Another goal of this website is to provide the investment commentary that hopefully will free you from the overwhelming time commitment needed to adequately research your investment decisions. Once you become familiar with My401kPro, you will be able to effectively manage your account in only 5-10 minutes a month.

  • Less Stress - Having direction, you will be relieved of much of the stress that comes with the burden of directing this important sum of money for your retirement.

  • Peace of Mind - Knowing that you are receiving expert guidance, you can be confident that you are managing your plan in a way that will produce results for your retirement years.



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My401kPro provides you with benefits unlike any other service available.

My401kPro was created to provide the ongoing support that most investors lack when making important investment decisions for retirement.