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My401kPro bills annually at a rate of $299 per year. Because this service is offered at such a low dollar price as well as at such a low price relative to other professional assistance, no refunds will be made for early termination except in the situation wherein the service is terminated. In fact, a fair trial of the merits of this service should involve subscribing to it for a minimum of one year and more realistically for a three year term.

Your subscription will commence upon the submission of your subscription agreement and the completion of the processing of your credit card information. You will have access to most of your personal My401kPro pages at that time. The one exception is access to the Fund Ranking section. This page will not be available for up to 5 business days subsequent to our receipt from you of the investment options in your 401(k) plan or investment program.

The subscription will automatically be renewed 12 months later unless you notify us of your desire to terminate your subscription at least 15 days prior to the 12 month anniversary date. In the event that you are currently an active subscriber of My401kPro and your credit card expires, you hereby authorize My401kPro to update your expiration date by advancing the date forward to your credit card's new date of expiration.

My401kPro reserves the right to change the rates for the subscription at any time following a 30 days notice by email to the subscriber or by a notice posted to the Subscriber Messages area of the web site. The subscription rate change shall apply to all subsequent new billings immediately and all renewals at the time of their normal subsequent annual anniversary date.

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There is a better way than buy-and-hope...
IRA and 401(k) investors are told to just buy and hold or essentially to take whatever the market gives them. However, it is an unfortunate reality that the history of the S&P 500 from 1929 to 2007 indicates that:

  • on average...a new bear market starts every 5 years
  • on average...bear markets lose 38%
  • on takes 3 1/2 years to return to breakeven

Your retirement account cannot afford a repeat of 2008. My401kPro can help that from happening again. See how we helped our subscribers substantially reduce risk in that year. See what we mean by "a better way."

Over 35 Years of Success

With My401kPro, you will have the benefit our advisors' wealth of experience and investment success working for your retirement plan.